Dumbbells Aren’t Dumb at All

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair) Jillian Michaels Ultimate Dumbbell Power Set Champion Hex Dumbbells (5lbs – 95lbs) See All Dumbbells Deals HERE At one time, weight lifters and body builders really only had one choice when it came to dumbbells. While there were different companies that

Best Testosterone Boosters

You’ve probably heard that increasing the amount of testosterone in your body will help you gain more strength, increase muscle and bone mass, give you more energy, increase your sex drive, and even make your hair grow more which is probably why you’re searching for the best

Can You Lose Weight By Not Eating?

If eating food is what makes people gain weight, can you lose weight by not eating? This is a question a lot of people who are desperately trying to lose weight ask probably because it makes sense. The short answer is, yes. Losing weight by not eating

Best Office Chairs

It might be weird to read an article about the best office chairs on a fitness site but since so many of us sit for hours upon hours each and every day, I feel it’s important to address how important it is to sit on a quality

The Truth About Losing Weight

We’ve all seen those diet ads or infomercials or commercials that make it sound like losing weight is super easy. “Eat whatever you want and still lose weight!” Here’s a video of an honest diet commercial, the truth about losing weight: The Lie About Losing Weight From

How to Gain Weight Fast

Although most people are aiming to lose weight, a small percentage, mainly guys, would like to put on some weight. So what’s the key to gaining weight in a short amount of time? If you want to know how to gain weight fast, read on. It’s Just

Motivational Fitness Quotes and Images

For most people, the biggest obstacle when it comes to getting fit is motivation. When you’re pumped up and excited about your workouts and new diet plan, it’s easy to follow through but when that excitement dies down for whatever reason, just getting out of bed might

How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

When it comes to working out, most people are focused on doing one of two things: Build muscle or lose fat. In order to build muscle, you need to lift weights in order to force your muscles to grow. In order to lose fat, you need to