What is the Best Bicep Workout without Dumbbells?

It would be great if you can get a nice set of adjustable dumbbells but for some people, this isn’t an option. For some, getting regular dumbbells isn’t even an option. So what do you do to get bigger biceps if you don’t have any weights?

How to Get Bigger Biceps without Dumbbells

One of the best exercises for building biceps that doesn’t involve curling weights is chin ups. You can also do pull ups as well. This simple body weight exercise can help add some mass to your biceps if you do enough of them.

If you’re just starting out and can’t do very many, use a chair to take some of the weight off. Your goal is to be able to do at least 10 using your full body weight. Once you get to 10, you should consider adding on some weight to make it more challenging.

You can do this by getting a weight belt or having someone put some weights on your calves (your knees will be bent). You can even where a backpack. The point is to add tension in order to get your muscles to grow.

Another method, if you don’t want to use any weights, is to do your pullups/chin ups more slowly. This will increase your muscle’s time under tension and will help you become stronger.

In terms of sets and reps, aim for 4-5 sets. If you use assistance such as a chair, see if you can do 10 reps each. If not, just do as many as you can for each set even if that means you’re only doing 1-2 reps on your last set.

Here’s a video for some more ideas on working out your biceps without equipment:

Gain Weight

In general, in order to add an inch to you biceps, you need to put on 10 pounds if size is what you’re after. If you notice, people who weigh more have bigger looking arms. Now if you want your arms to be more cut, then you’ll need to lose body fat. This doesn’t mean you have to do one or the other. You can gain mass and lose body fat as well, resulting in bigger, cutter biceps.

Just like with building any other muscle, your workouts are just one aspect of the formula. Your diet, as always, will play a much bigger part in your results. Eat enough protein and stay away from junk food.

Many people have gotten bigger biceps without the use of weights but if you’re able to get a gym membership, you should get results a bit faster since you’ll have a wide range of exercises you can do to add size to your arms. Just think of it as an investment in your body and self confidence.

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