How Often Should I Work Out to Build Muscle?

If you ask people how often they work out at the gym, you will get a variety of answers. Some go nearly every day. Some go just once a week. Along with the amount of times a week people go, the time spent each time at the gym will differ as well. Some are in and out in as little as 20 minutes while some will spend more than 2 hours.

How Many Times A Week Should You Workout?

The answer is it depends. Most people go 3 times a week but you’ll want to listen to your body. Some people can recover more quickly than others. Generally, you’ll want to split up your work outs so you’re doing a group of muscles in a session and not work out that same group again until those muscles of fully recovered.

Assuming you’re working out your entire body, you’ll probably need 3 days to fit everything in without spending too much time at the gym during any one session.

For example:

Monday: Chest/Shoulders

Wednesday: Legs

Friday: Arms/Back

If you’re only working out one or two body parts such as chest and arms for whatever reason, you could probably work out the same muscles twice a week. Again, you’ll want to mainly rely on how your body feels. Don’t workout if you’re still sore.

More Is Not Better

Some people have the misconception that the more they work out the bigger their muscles will get. Muscles don’t grow during training, they grow during rest. When you work out, what you’re basically doing is tear your muscles. When you rest, your body is repairing those muscles and building new strands.

If you’re efficient, you should be able to finish your work outs in under an hour. Can you still build muscle if you go over an hour? Yes, but at some point, the effort you put in and the outcome you get will diminish.

In other words, the first 45 minutes are so is usually where most of the benefits of working out comes in. After that, your results will taper off. At that point, you’re better off going home to rest and fuel up. Plus, there’s more to life than spending it at the gym all the time.

Track Your Results

Since everyone is different, what you can do is see if you’re getting stronger over time. If you’re not, chances are, you’re either over training or not working out hard enough. A lot of this comes down to trial and error but for most people, under an hour, 3 times a week will work well in helping them to build muscle.

How you work out will make a difference as well. How heavy you lift, how many set sand reps you do, and even how fast you do the reps will all play into your muscle building efficiency.

So how many times a week should you lift weights? As many or as few as you want as long as you’re getting stronger.

We’ll leave you with some workout motivation:

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