At one time, weight lifters and body builders really only had one choice when it came to dumbbells. While there were different companies that produced weights, the manner in which the weights worked was basically the same. This is not true today. Not only are there are variety of companies producing weight lifting products but the manner in which these products operate has changed significantly as well.

The most common dumbbells to be found on the market are still free weights. These are also the least expensive variety, largely because of their inconvenient nature and the fact that a set of weights of this kind take up so much space within your home. Of course you can purchase only the weights that you need from the set but for those working to build their weight lifting capacity, an entire set would be necessary.

Of all the styles of dumbbells for sale on the market today, one of the very best innovations is the adjustable dumbbell. Adjustable dumbbells are exactly as they sound, they are weights that can be adjusted to provide the user with different weight ranges. These unique sports gear make it possible to own a single set up of dumbbells which can be adjusted to any weight capacity, basically being the equivalent of the entire set of old-style free weights, only taking up significantly less space within your home.

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Not only do adjustable weights allow you to save space, they save you time as well. No longer must you stop in the middle of your weight lifting routine to adjust the weights you’re using. If you’re doing a complex workout routine that requires varying degrees of weight at different stages within the program, you don’t have to worry about breaking the run by stopping to adjust weights. With just a couple of turns of the right levers on your adjustable weights you’re able to continue on with your routine uninterrupted.

There are cheap dumbbells to be found in both the traditional free weight and adjustable weight categories. The least expensive weights available are still the free weights, usually costing anywhere between $15.00 and $30.00 each, with an entire set ranging from 5 pounds to 50 pounds costing a few hundred dollars.

The best of the free weight variety are often considered to be Hex dumbbells. A full set of 5 to 50 pound weights with the Hex name cost about $900.00 on average but are perfect for those with the space in their home for such a luxury.

Adjustable dumbbells can often be found for anywhere between $150.00 and $600.00. The price is usually determined by the weight range that is offered with the particular model you purchase and the brand name of the weights. Of all the adjustable varieties available, Powerblock dumbbells and Ironmaster dumbbells are among the top names.

Adjustable and free weight dumbbells can often be found for sale at local sporting goods stores. Many local retail stores also carry some varieties. By far, the widest selection can be found online and often the best prices as well.