Where to Buy Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells?

If the prices of the popular brands like Bowflex is a bit out of your price range and you’re looking for cheap adjustable dumbbells, then let me give you a couple of options that will be a bit nicer to your wallet. Keep in mind that if you want to go cheap, you’ll have to give up a few things. The most noticeable thing is the amount of weight the dumbbells can pack on.

1. Stamina Versa-Bell II Dumbbell

Coming in at under a hundred for the 25 pounder, you will have an option of choosing from 9 different weights (2.5 lb increments). This is only for 1 dumbbell by the way. The construction itself isn’t of the highest quality so you’ll want to always make sure everything is secure before using the weights. That goes the same with pretty much any exercise equipment that involves weights. It’s always better to be safe. Having a piece of metal fall on your face is not fun.


2. Weider PowerSwitch

Next up, we have the PowerSwitch from Weider. This comes in a pair but only goes up to 12.5 pounds for around sixty bucks and is best for total beginners or people who don’t lift a lot of weight or use it for cardio. It also comes in a 25 pound version as well as 50 lbs but that’ll cost you a bit extra. Overall, the construction is great. Weider is a pretty popular brand that makes quality stuff most of the time.


3. ProForm SpaceSaver

Here’s another one that only goes up to 12.5 lbs but you get two of them so the combined weight is 25 pounds. With many cheaper models of exercise equipment, if you abuse them, they will wear out a lot quicker. Again, not for the intermediate lifters but for those of you who just want to add in some weights with your cardio, this is a decent option.


4. Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell *My Top Pick

This model goes up to 50 pounds which is a lot more suitable for intermediate workouts. It’s sold individually but unless you’re going to do chest workouts, one should be sufficient for most other exercises. At around one fifty, this makes it one of the more inexpensive adjustable dumbbells on the market. It’s also highly rated as well. Of the ones presented here, I’d go with this one unless you don’t think you’ll ever go past 12.5 pounds.



Alternative Option for Cheap Dumbbells

Depending on the weights you’re using, you can save money by just getting regular dumbbells. As you get stronger, you can upgrade and buy heavier ones and sell the used ones on Craigslist or to friends to get some of your money back.

Another option is to get dumbbells where you’ll have to take the weights on and off such as the Yes4Alls. It’s cheaper than the adjustable ones but of course, you won’t get the benefits of the adjustable ones. But hey, you’re here to get something to build muscle while saving money at the same time so if the Bayou ones are still too expensive for you, stick with the traditional dumbbells. You’ll give up some convenience but you’ll save money.

If you absolutely must get the adjustable ones and your goal is to get stronger, get the 50 lbs Bayou one. That may be too much right now but it’s better to have more than you need than to end up getting stronger and not having enough weights.

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