What’s the Fastest Way to Lose Weight?

So what is the fastest way to lose weight? This question is usually asked by people who have been putting off exercising and eating right, who didn’t sacrifice any time to work on their fitness, and who are now panicking because they have some event coming up in a month that they feel they’re too fat for.

The FASTEST way to lose weight is to cut off some of your limbs. Okay, don’t actually do that. But you asked so there’s the answer.

Your real question is this:

How do I lose the most weight in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of work possible without doing any permanent damage to my body?

Here’s the answer: Make the time to get fit and then stay fit.

Once you’re fit, it doesn’t matter if you have an event tomorrow, body wise, you’ll already be there.

The fact is that most people who go on stupid fad diets or starve themselves will usually end up gaining it all back. One reason is because when you do this, your metabolism will drop and once you go back to eating normal, your weight will bounce right back up and often times, you’ll end up weighing even more.

The smart thing to do is to think ahead to all of the events you’ll be having in the future. Start training your body and disciplining yourself to live a healthy lifestyle today so that you’ll never have to worry about not looking your best at future events.

If anything, gain even more weight so that you feel extra embarrassed at the event. That way, you will hopefully be motivated enough to get your act together and never have to ask this ridiculous question ever again.

Now for those who you who aren’t going to listen and will continue being lazy, here’s one real solution: Don’t eat. Can’t gain weight if you don’t eat. Sure, you might collapse and die after a week but if looking good for one event is more important to you than actually getting fit and healthy, give it a try.

PS: Please consult your doctor first so he/she can smack you upside the head.

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